As of June 30, 2022, Burford Capital Limited had 219,049,877 ordinary shares of nil par value in issue, of which 468,000 ordinary shares were held in treasury. As of June 30, 2022, 9.36% of ordinary shares were not in public hands. There are no restrictions on the transfer of Burford Capital Limited’s ordinary shares.

The shareholding information for shareholders over 5% below reflects shareholdings as notified to Burford by shareholders via TR-1 or SEC disclosures, and Burford updates the shareholding information below as TR-1 or SEC disclosures are made. Burford does not independently verify the information provided via TR-1 or SEC disclosures nor does Burford include shareholding information not provided via TR-1 or SEC disclosures.

Major Shareholders Information

Ratings Table
Shareholder name Number of Ordinary Shares % of Voting Rights
Mithaq Capital 23,021,070 10.51%
Ameriprise Financial, Inc. 10,949,785 5.01%
Jonathan Molot1,2 9,753,156 4.45%
Christopher Bogart1,2 9,148,108 4.18%

1 Executive.

2 As described in Burford’s RNS made available on March 15, 2019, each of Messrs Bogart and Molot established US charitable foundations and each of Messrs Bogart and Molot donated 250,000 Burford Capital Limited’s ordinary shares to their respective foundations. Burford has determined that the foundations do not constitute Persons Closely Associated with Messrs Bogart or Molot, respectively. However, Burford continues to include the ordinary shares held by the foundations in the table above for completeness and reduces the listed shareholdings accordingly as the respective foundation gifts Burford Capital Limited’s ordinary shares. As of June 30, 2022, Mr. Bogart’s foundation held 216,350 ordinary shares and Mr. Molot’s foundation held 231,435 ordinary shares. In addition, the table above does not include ordinary shares held by Elizabeth O’Connell, Mr. Bogart’s spouse and an executive and a person discharging managerial responsibility at Burford, and any shareholdings or transactions by Ms. O’Connell are reported separately via RNS and SEC disclosures.

Director Shareholdings

Ratings Table
Director name Number of Ordinary Shares % of Voting Rights
Hugh Steve Wilson 297,631 0.14%
Christopher Halmy 15,508 0.007%
John Sievwright 15,306 0.007%
Andrea Muller 15,296 0.007%
Charles Parkinson 13,306 0.006%
Robert Gillespie 10,306 0.005%