The board of directors operates through three committees composed entirely of independent directors—Audit Committee, Compensation Committee and Nominating and Governance Committee—all of which meet throughout the year as required. The Audit Committee monitors the integrity of Burford’s financial statements, reviews the effectiveness of Burford’s internal controls and risk management systems and oversees the relationship with Burford’s external auditor, including assessing their independence and objectivity. The Compensation Committee reviews and approves the compensation of Burford’s Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer as well as other members of Burford’s senior management, determines the broad compensation policy or framework for all of Burford’s employees and reviews the design of performance-related schemes and share incentive plans. The Nominating and Governance Committee reviews the structure, size and composition of the board of directors, identifies potential new directors and nominates them for the approval of the board of directors and assists the board of directors in its oversight of corporate governance and environmental, social and governance matters.

Audit Committee Compensation Committee Nominating and Governance Committee
John Sievwright
Christopher Halmy
Rukia Baruti
Christopher Bogart
Pamela Corrie
Robert Gillespie
  • Financial Expert
  • Committee Member
  • Committee Chair